You are supposed to be running in front of me Mum.

Beside playing around with Bodhi-Cam on the agility equipment we actually did quite a bit of training yesterday. We were working on something that normally mum avoids doing…. rear crosses. They are one of those agility skills that are really handy to have (especially for a dog like me that likes to run pretty quickly around a course) but also rear crosses also have a the ability to not go quite to plan. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that we haven’t really practiced them much???

So yesterday we spent some time out at an agility friend’s place (how cool would it be to have a backyard where we could have a full agility course set up…. must chat to dad about that one… maybe we could knock down part of the house to create more grass space?) and worked on those rear cross things.

When we started off I really wasn’t sure what was going on. Mum isn’t always in front of me but when she is behind it is usually thanks to me (did someone mention start line stays???) rather than a planned approach from mum. So the first activity meant we had to spend a bit of time getting me to focus on driving forward (as long as mum gives me the ok to) rather than waiting for mum’s direction. Once we got that started we had a lot of fun. It was really great to understand when a rear cross is a good choice, when a verbal makes sense (and getting the right tone and volume to the verbal) and how mum’s body position (especially her chest / laser point) influences the direction I go in.

Here is the last run we did of the day. Mum was super stoked with the run. The only thing we missed was the tunnel in the middle of the course and watching it back on video mum can see how the direction she was facing and how close she was to the tunnel meant I ran behind the tunnel rather than through it. (Did you notice that I ran behind not through?). Mum and her dodgy directions! 

A PAWsome day for building confidence on something that we really weren’t too sure about and hence avoided. Looking forward to mum and I giving them a try on a course soon (where appropriate of course).

Bodhi Oooo




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