What time is bedtime?

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I believe there is this thing called ‘body clocks’ and some of us work to different time zones. Well this seems to be the case in our house. I’m a morning kinda dog. 6am… Give or take a half hour depending on season, weather and what I have done the day before. But generally about 6am I am looking to nuzzle mum’s elbow if it is overhanging the bed, jump up on the bed and step on her if she hasn’t moved and generally make myself annoying enough for her to get up and take me for a walk. All this morning energy requires an early night. Toddler bedtime is about 7pm and most nights I am ready to snuggle down too. The problem is this is also the time that mum and dad take over my bedroom (the lounge). Yep lights on, TV blaring, talking… I mean really. This is my bedtime folks. Consideration please.


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