What a Rally O Course really looks like… More Bodhi-Cam

I love Rally O. It is a great fun as it is kinda like Obedience except Mum gets to talk to me and give me lots of praise as we go around the course working as a team.



To see some of my Rally O Adventures check out the run down of some of the trials we have been to and the fun we have had (well I always have fun…).


Do I look like I am paying attention to Mum?

So anyway we were up training the other day and Mum decided to attach the new GoPro Fetch to me and put me through the course we were training on. Here is the video of what a Rally O course looks like from a dog’s view. We even went through and wrote down what the station we were doing.


So next time you are wondering what us dog’s are thinking on the Rally O course… well at least you can see what we are looking at.

If you want to check out some other Bodhi-Cam fun here is a trip to the beach and also some Agility fun.

Let’s see if knowing what I’m looking at helps Mum get her directions right in the upcoming trials.

Bodhi Oooo





  • waexplorer
    March 24, 2015

    Hi Bohdi, my dog Billie Jean would love agility training. She’s super active and a very fast runner, she’s hitting middle age though. Do you think it’s too late to teach her new tricks?

    • Melinda Duker
      March 24, 2015

      Never too old to teach a dog tricks!

      There are some PAWsome agility clubs over there in WA. There are 2 groups in Australia that do Agility (ANKC – http://www.dogswest.com/dogswest/Clubs-Agility_Obedience__Training_Clubs.htm) and ADAA (http://www.adaa.com.au/adaaclubs.htm) so check out who is nearby. Just be careful when you start out with keeping an eye out for any injuries you might not have otherwise known about that could cause either immediate pain or be an issue later on. Also be conscious of weight… the jumping stuff is hard work on joints if carrying a few extra kgs.

      Besides agility there are heaps of other dog sports to try. We also do Rally O which is really fun and where we started out in dog sports (you basically go around a course just doing lots of tricks) and we are going to be trying tracking in the future. The ANKC clubs should offer that stuff or be able to put you in contact with someone who does.

      Definitely go out there and give it a go and we would love to hear about it.

      In the meantime check out some of the Training Tips (http://1stworlddog.com/training-tips-1st-world-dog-style/) for some ideas to get you started.


      • waexplorer
        March 24, 2015

        Thanks heaps for your reply and advice. I’ll see what we have on in the area. I really think Billie needs a challenge of some sort.

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