Well that is kinda cool…. BUPA Blog Awards Finalist… and why I’m good for Mum’s health

We had a PAWsome surprise this week. We are a finalist in the BUPA Blog Awards.

The awards are run by health insurance & services provider BUPA and we liked the idea of these awards because they are about promoting healthy lifestyles. The awards had a specific Animals Lovers category which is all about pets and their influence on our fitness and sociability.

So for anyone that doesn’t know the background as to how Mum and I came together as a team let me give you the story….

Mum has always enjoyed going out for a run. Over the years it has varied from short runs around the block as she has been getting back into running through to running half marathons and the Oxfam Trailwalker. Besides the fitness and just a chance to clear her head she has also enjoyed the social aspect. Mum has often had running buddies that she would meet before work or even the odd run at lunch time and head off for a run with. But overtime life changes. Mum’s situation is no different and her old running buddies now live further away and have little humans of their own too. So it is kinda tough to catch up for a run. And folks…. that is where I come in! Yep when Mum & Dad moved from an apartment in close to the city to suburbia on the top of Mum’s “To Do” list was to get herself a 4 Legged Running Buddy.

Why is a 4 Legged Running Buddy Possum?

Firstly there are the reasons a dog is great for helping you keep New Years Resolutions:

1. No Alarm Clock Needed.

2. We Make You Run.

3. Always Ready To Go.

But beyond the fitness there are also the social and mental reasons.

1. We Are A Great Icebreaker: I have to say we know pretty much every dog and dog owner in the neighbourhood. Yep get out of bed at 6am and hit the roads for a run and you will meet plenty of like minded folks and their 4 legged running buddy. Dad laughs because Mum seems to know EVERYONE in the neighbourhood through their dogs. Training and trialling in dog sports has also introduced us to a world of PAWsome dog people.


Even when it is raining the agility gang still know how to have a good time


And it doesn’t matter what size you are…. my dog sports friends come in all size (like little Agility Pap here)


2. Let’s Learn New Stuff: We started off just going to basic Obedience classes at our local dog training club. Well it turns out that has lead to a whole new world. We are now training and trialling in Obedience, Rally O and Agility. We have tried Nosework (and would love to do more) and would love to try Tracking. All of these mean Mum & I are learning lots of new things. This whole dog training stuff has even introduced us to PAWsome people like Noora from One Mind Dogs who lives in Finland and Zsofi Biro from Hungry. We have been lucky enough to have both come to Sydney for seminars.


Out there doing Rally O.




Giving Nosework A Try


3. The Friend That Is Always There: Mum works for herself from a home office. While she has plenty of people around to talk to I am the constant companion most days. Yep she can tell or ask me anything and she knows I will listen and keep it confidential. Besides all the scientific stuff about why pets are good for your health I am always there as someone for Mum to go to when a client is being difficult or she is just having a rough day. Having me there at her feet is a way for Mum to have a constant reminder of the bigger picture.





So if we go back to the original story, yeah we have a habit of rambling, Mum originally got me as a running body and yep we still do plenty of that BUT don’t underestimate how much more a great relationship with a dog can be. That is why this BUPA Blog Awards makes sense to us. We would love to see more people learn more about the great activities out there to have more fun with their blog.

If you would like to here is the link to vote for the People’s Choice on the BUPA Blog Awards. Obviously we would love your Vote. We also recommend checking out Jen & Kate at Dog Adventures and Jo at Creature Clinic that are also finalists.

Now get out there and have fun with your dog!









  • weliveinaflat
    October 24, 2014

    Fantastic!! Good luck to you!!!

  • Jade
    October 27, 2014

    Congratulations. I came over from the BUPA blog and I’m enjoying wandering around. 🙂

  • 100happydoggydays
    October 28, 2014

    Firstly, congratulations on your nominations you clearly deserve it!
    Having a dog has improved my life more than I could ever have imagined. Like you, I know that they can help both our physical and mental health! This is why it’s sad that so many dog owners don’t return the favour. After conducting some research I found that it was very common for dog owners in Australia and abroad to avoid regularly walking their dogs. In fact, one such study found 23% of dog owners in Australia don’t walk their dogs AT ALL! Knowing how this can negatively impact a dog’s physical and mental health it immediately saddened me and I felt the need to do something, to encourage people to see the importance and FUN in exercising with their dogs. This is how 100 happy doggy days came about. The #100happydoggydays campaign challenges dog owners to commit to walking their dog 100 days in a row and sharing it on social media using the hash tag. It would be great to have your support, check out our blog!



    • Melinda Duker
      October 28, 2014

      Thanks for coming over to check us out Brigitte. Love the 100happydogdays concept and will definitely take part. It might not be a walk everyday because somedays might be trials or training but Mum & I definitely do stuff everyday so will tag it for #100happydogdays. A great initiative!

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