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As some of you might have seen on my Facebook page recently, Mum got a new toy for her birthday. A Go Pro.  And it turns out the purpose of this thing was to hook it up to me and have Bodhi-Cam. I am guessing that Mum is taking the whole “picture it from the dog’s point of view” in agility a bit too literal.

So there has been a lot of searching and fiddling getting the set up but it seems she has finally got the harness thing happening.

140827 - Go Pro

Yes I look suitably unimpressed by this thing….

But have to say the results are pretty cool. We were just playing ball in the front yard to check out how it works and there is still a bit of fiddling on both the stability of this thing on my back and Mum’s editing but it is kinda fun.

Here is a quick video of what we did. Check it out here.

We also did a quick trip to a local park and tried it out on me there. I was there with my mates so it is kinda like Spy-Cam… maybe I need to have my DogsNSW number changed to 007.


But we really can’t wait to check it out on a bit of agility equipment…. just need to get used to this harness thing first so I am comfortable jumping and don’t hurt myself.

So stay tuned for more Bodhi-Cam.

Bodhi Oooo



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