Walking with friends

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A couple of mornings a week Mum & I have friends come along on our morning walk. Young Miss Poppy and her little owner join us and we head up to the local park. Most days we also take my mate Hawk along too (they have a bit of a crush on each other I think… Hawk is such a bitchineser (how do you say womaniser in dogterms???)).

Anyway back to the today’s story…

Poppy’s little owner was sick this morning so couldn’t make it. So his mum bought Miss Poppy out the front and just her and I went with mum.

Well I am not the biggest advocate for walking in a straight line, there are things to smell and chase, BUT SERIOUSLY young lady. Miss Poppy pretty much bounced the entire walk. Usually trying to bounce on me, especially when I tried to stop and sniff something. Relax little lady. Going to have to keep up my education.

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