Training Tip Tuesday – More Core Strength Work

The rainy weather we have had here in Sydney over the last couple of weeks has meant we haven’t spent a lot of time outside running and jumping. Instead mum has had me doing lots of trick work inside. She has also spent time more time on my core strength work.

Mum started doing more core strength work with me a few months back. We started with the basics like balancing on a cushion but are now moving on to the big stuff.

Yep Mum has inflated the FitPaws Peanut (which for the Australians reading the blog we got from Game On Dogs).

We have just started with the basics of putting front paws on the peanut and then stepping over to put back paws on the peanut. Have to say that Mum teaching me Step Up and Feet has been really handy in understanding the position on this now wobbly thing. We have even been practicing the Step Up and Feet exercises during this rainy weather…


Think Mum was a bit bored with housework and I was happy to oblige as a distraction… 

So continuing to work on my abs of steel with this new Peanut thing but in the meantime I think I need some zzzzz….

photo 4

Sleep is very important for athletes…. 


Bodhi Oooo


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