The Royal…. The Wrap Up.

So after last year’s effort at the Royal it had to be upside this year. As far as Mum was concerned as long as I didn’t need to do the toilet thing in the ring we were 1 up on last year.

So this is going to be a bit “agility-ish” but hey it’s my blog and these are the bits that Mum and I want to remember…. for the rest of you…. let’s cut to the chase….  here is the video.


The Highlights:

  • Bars Up – There has been a lot of talk on this blog since it started about bars coming down, rear end awareness, my bum and One Bar Bodhi. So across the 3 runs at The Royal there were only 2 bars that came down all day. It was the spread, so there was something about it that I didn’t like, but otherwise Mum was SUPER excited that the bars stayed up.
  • The Table – Yes folks I stayed on it! I even dropped and stayed. So ignore that 1st time I leaped across it in my little moment of independent thinking / making up my own course. When I was meant to be there I DID IT!
  • Pulls, Blinds & The Tricky Bit In JDX –  That tricky bit in JDX that had lots of tough angles WE GOT IT. Woohoo us!
  • Obstacle Focus – Thanks to the help of some wonderful coaches over the last few months we have gained a greater understanding on handler focus (yes… it is all about that in Obedience and Rally and I do need to pay some attention to what Mum is telling me in Agility too) and obstacle focus (when Mum sends me to do something that is my job and off I go). Pretty chuffed with this, especially in the closing of the gamble… Mum said Go… and I Go’ed.


The Bits We Still Need To Work On:

  • Weave Entries – There are times I can hit that gap on the right side with precision. This wasn’t one of those times… In Novice Agility or Excellent Gamblers. It seemed to be a 3 attempt thing.
  • Contacts – All that was between me and a pretty ribbon (and qually card but I probably had enough points to be in the places too) in Excellent Gamblers was the down contact on the dog walk in the closing sequence. Expect to hear a bit more about contacts in the near future.
  • Start Line Stays – This has been an on-going battle between Mum and I. I want to get moving and Mum wants to get a head start.
  • Course Planning – This is really about Mum and just about the JDX run and that 1st blind that Mum tried to do after the tyre. Lots of people tried a Front Cross and were almost collected by their dogs. One of our friends, who actually won the ring so clearly it worked, did a blind later a couple of jumps on before the spread (wish we had videoed that run… it was magic!) so we were kinda on the right track… it was just either Mum needed to be in position earlier to give me more notice (please refer to the point above on Start Line Stays… not happening just yet Mum or run faster Mum) or we needed to cross at a different point. Good learning.


And then less “agility-ish” was firstly how PAWsome the crowd was. As you watch the video you can see the number of people building during the day (that 1st run in Novice Agility was before the gates actually opened to the public…). They were PAWsome. We loved the cheering when we went through the weaves, the “ohhhhs” when we did something we weren’t meant to and the applause when we were coming down the home straight. It was such a buzz. The other highlight was that The Toddler came along to watch (thanks Nana for bringing her along) and she was the best cheer squad ever. Cheering from the stands “Go Mummy! Go Bodhi” and telling everyone at kindy the next day when they asked how we went “that Bodhi was perfect”. Gotta love her.


Maybe not as memorable as The Royal 2014 in some ways and unfortunately we didn’t come home with any pretty ribbons but we had a PAWsome time at The Royal 2015!





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