That’s nice mum….. I’m so not into the computer stuff.

A couple of weeks ago mum got into her head that we needed a refresh on our little blog here. She thought a new look might be nice and to move to self-hosted so we could add some plug-ins and stuff. Seriously… all gibberish to me. I just want to know when she is going to throw the ball or get some treats.

This is really what I think of all the IT stuff….

photo 1

Just wake me when it is over please….

But credit to mum, with some outside help, she got there and 1st World Dog now has a new look.

There are things we still want to change and snazzy up a bit… ok now mum has done the hard yards in the background I’m a little bit interested in making sure it looks good. Apologies too as you might find the odd hiccup where links aren’t working the way they should (so please drop us a note in the comments). We will get to all those things in time (amongst some agility, obedience and rally trials coming up over the next few weekends… let’s get the priorities right here) so please let us know and hang tight while we fix stuff up.

So thanks for hanging with us while we were a bit quiet with the upgrade (and mum had the flu too) but looking forward to lots more 1st World Dog adventures.

Bodhi Oooo



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