Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge – Week 2

The Original


With HDR Scape


Have to say I’m a bit of a fan of what this HDR stuff does for the shine on my coat.

Taking Mrs P’s advice we used the HDR Scape from Snapseed (super easy) and actually went 100% filter. Gheez even my whiskers look good clearer.

The other thing we spent a bit of time on was a frame. This actually made a significant difference. Normally our photos use a white frame but in this case it made the image too bright. Instead we have gone the contrast of a black frame (but note the little fleck of orange in this old school film style frame).

Thanks Mrs P and Donna at We Live In A Flat and their fantastic co-host for Snappy H’appy Meghan at Firebonnet for another Wednesday of building our photography knowledge.

Logo 2

  • weliveinaflat
    February 19, 2014

    Woah, don’t pull the stops on the filtering huh? When it’s that strong, it sometimes looks more like an illustration than a photo.. what I mean is I could see someone doing a colour pencil artwork having it coming up looking like photo #2. The whiskers pop alright. I love the result, it looks like a stronger hand works for your photo 😉

    • 1st World Dog
      February 20, 2014

      Yeah we pulled it back and forth playing with it but just went yeah why not.

      • weliveinaflat
        February 20, 2014

        Hiya! I’ve just created a board for this challenge on Pinterest –

        For challengers whose blogs enable pinterest sharing, I assume that I will be able to add your photos to the board, with your permission. If you would not like your photos shared on Pinterest, please do reply to this comment and let me know 😉

        If you are active on Pinterest and would like to contribute to the board, let me know your Pinterest email and I will add you. Thanks!!

  • FireBonnet
    February 19, 2014

    Yes! Your coat and your whiskers POP! It’s fun to see yourself all super saturated isn’t it? I know what you mean that the frame can make a big difference. The black (with the orange to match your coat) works great. Happy Snappy H’appy!

  • sassmuffins
    March 18, 2014

    I like the sheen the HDR effect gives your coat too. And it brings out the beautiful color of your coat from the shadows. Very nicely done!

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