Photo Challenge Week 8 – The Changes of the Southerly


We are loving our weekly photo challenge from Donna as we learn to play with mobile apps in new ways. This week started off with what was already a pretty great photo (if we do say so ourselves). A cool southerly change was coming through and the sky was an amazing colour. My coat, as usual, was its shiny self.

Above we have used InstaCollage to bring the 3 versions of the photo together.

On the left is the original photo.

In the middle we have used my standard Instagram effect (Lo-Fi) to bring out my coat colour… and the colour of the sky being enhanced was just a bonus.

The version on the right was mum playing with Photo Editor. She played with the Saturation, Contrast and Focus to get what you see… gotta say I look pretty funky.

Thanks again Donna for helping us discover the fun of mobile photography. A great challenge for us.


  • weliveinaflat
    October 16, 2013

    It does take time to test and try the effects to find the ones that appeal to us 🙂 The lo-fi filter does bring out Bodhi’s coat vibrantly 🙂 against the blue sky. Sometimes the unexpected things are the best finds 😀

    The app I use most often for collage is Moldiv… because it includes text functions and also colour filters that I can choose to apply individually to each picture in the collage if I am in the mood 🙂

  • FireBonnet
    October 24, 2013

    I’m also having great fun playing with my phone photo apps. I hadn’t thought of doing a collage of one photo done different ways. Great idea and great results!

    • 1st World Dog
      October 24, 2013

      Thanks Meghan – we are learning so much… Although less fiddling with the iPhone and more pats or ball throwing at times :0)

      • FireBonnet
        October 24, 2013

        Ah yes… my gang gets pretty tired of having the phone in their faces so often! lol

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