Ode to Miss Poppy

A couple of morning’s a week I go with my neighborhood puppy pals for a walk. I manage to find a tennis ball and play fetch while the other two chase me. Mum has been trying to get a photo of the three of us running but Miss Poppy is always a blur…. so here is my ode to Miss Poppy….. yeah I know it doesn’t quite rhyme but kinda sounds ok. Please feel free to help with a word that rhymes and fits.

Miss Poppy, Miss Poppy oh you run.

Miss Poppy, Miss Poppy you have so much fun.

Mum is trying to get a pic,

But all she gets is a blur and a swish.

Miss Poppy, Miss Poppy just stay still.

Miss Poppy, Miss Poppy an in focus photo we will.

130828 Playing Ball (1) 130828 Playing Ball (2)

(Don’ worry Hawks I will come up with one for you too…  don’t get jealous. You are still my mate.)

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