Now If Mum Can Just Get Her Directions Right

You know what… Mum gets the chance to go out there and walk the course before we run, she can supposedly count numbers and she gets to think about what directions she needs to give me.

I work so hard out there…. the least she can do is give me the right directions!

We have had a couple of agility trials since last we updated My Agility Story.

The first was out at Castle Hills at the Agility Dog Club trial. It was a bit of an adventure to start with…. mum decided that The Toddler was coming along with us. Yep we managed to get to an agility trial on time with me, The Toddler and all the stuff we needed. Importantly Mum remembered my treats. Good work mum. Just don’t mention the car’s flat battery because mum left the keys in the ignition when we got there and discovered where they were about 4 hours later. Positive is that the agility folk are all super awesome and a) no one drove away with the car and b) one of the guys had jumper leads and got us going at the end of the day.

Frog & Dog

A Frog (aka The Toddler in disguise) and A Dog…..

So anyway enough about The Toddler and Mum and more about me and agility runs.

We started off with Novice Agility. Meant I was SUPER excited. Yep SUPER excited means lots of energy and a slide straight off the table. Damn that table! Mum is looking forward to getting out of Novice one day and not having the table in courses (I’m fine with the see-saw by the way). Otherwise a pretty nice run.

Some moments of brilliance in RQH and Open Agility…. with mum’s favourite moment being when I bump my head on the outside of the tunnel… but hey I got in the tunnel eventually.

And then a JDX run that had some really nice bits in it…. but just some miss timed cues from mum.

Here is the video from ADC Trial.


We had our home trial too. To be honest it was a bit of a blur as we had 5 runs to do, helping out and the big highlight…. my sister came to watch me.

photo 1

photo 2

Mum kept saying to me that if I didn’t behave she was going to take sis out and she could be her 400 dog. Sis had a few goes over a practice jump that was sitting outside the ring. She is pretty good at getting over the jump but just as crazy as me so maybe mum needs to rethink that one….


And then Newcastle CNCC. There was a lot of questions as to whether we were going. This started a week out with mum sick with the flu and the forecast showing serious rain on the day of the trial. Mum and friend decided they would make the call on the morning of…. except when the trial is almost a 2hr drive away that means decisions being made at 5am in the morning.

photo 1

Hmmmm I was voting for sleep…

But it turns out the votes from my mate Regal and I was overridden and we picked up our friends on the way through and headed for Newcastle. When we got there it was still raining a bit so Regal and I were still questioning the sanity of our mums…. even a couple of Gun Dogs weren’t that crazy…

photo 2

 We will just hang in the car ladies while you go sort out what is happening….

But eventually the rain eased, we got out of the car and we went and did some running through mud… oh and agility.

Again Novice Agility was 1st up…. oh yeah…. need to stop on that table thing don’t I. Hmmmm that seems to be a (non-) sticking point in this Novice Agility. And being first up it was a bit of a crazy run.

Next was Open Jumping. Gotta love when the distance work is from the start. My somewhat questionable start line stay (or positively put…. drive from the start line) meant that I did the distance work wonderfully. Think we just dropped a couple of bars but otherwise it was a really nice run.

Next was Excellent Jumping. The starting sequence was actually a bit tricky for Excellent, but apart from going a bit wide mum and I did a nice job of it. I was firing. Then mum got in the way with a front cross mid way through, I didn’t get my stride right and d’oh a bar down. Took the next one down too with my stride being out. Otherwise it was a really nice run. Note to Mum…. get your front cross done, get out of the way and don’t crowd me.

And that brings me to the last run of the day. Novice Snooker. Mum and I love the Agility Games. Being games they are fun but they also bring another element of strategy as mum has to make up part of the course. Well we started off nicely with some great weaves, called off a tunnel (even the judge commented on the save) and did the next couple obstacles…. and then mum accidentally sent me into an extra tunnel. D’oh. Disqualified. Mum let me do the closing sequence and cleared it, including some more nice weaves.  Oh So Close.

Here is a couple of the Newcastle CNCC runs we got on video (too much rain and mud early on to get the iPad out to video).

So that is the run down…. apart the table in Novice Agility (just don’t mention the table) we are getting some really nice runs. We aren’t getting the elusive Clean Runs but we are getting good connections on course, great drive, nice turns and fewer bars being dropped. And with those bars mum can see it is her timing and cues that are creating the bar drops. This is a big positive given the work we have done on bum strength and jumping skills. So while  we are in what mum is calling a “cardboard drought” it feels like we are close to things just clicking.

More trials coming up so watch this space and hopefully we break the cardboard drought soon.

Bodhi Oooo


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