Love Your Pet Day…. Mum’s Letter To Yours Truly

So who knew… tomorrow, the 20th Feb, is Love Your Pet Day.

Well I know as a 1st World Dog I get lots of love everyday but it is nice to know there is a special day set aside every year to remember just how super cool your pets are.. I mean Mum gets Mother’s Day after all.

To mark the occasion Mum and a bunch of the other Pet Bloggers here in Australia are doing a thing where they are writing open letters to their PAWsome pets with the promises they are making to their pets.  So here is the letter I got from Mum….

“To My Crazy Nutcase Best Buddy –

Who would have thought when you came into my life 5 years we would have done all the cool stuff we have done and the journey has only just begun. 

You were truly meant to be my little guy, your birthday is after all the day we settled on our family home and you are SO a part of this family. From the moment you come in of a morning and nudge me on the elbow to wake up until the end of the day when you snuggle beside me on the lounge watching TV. We have been on an amazing journey together from our early days of toilet training, failing our level 3 obedience test 3 times before we were eventually passed and allowed to start agility (well you have shown them now), learning to go through an agility tunnel with your Mum 36 weeks pregnant, welcoming “the noisy one” into our family and the nights of interrupted sleep that followed, gaining our 1st ever ANKC title at the Sydney Royal Easter show and just so many gorgeous moments between you and now she is a big girl “the Toddler”…. and many more adventures to come my little running buddy. I love you xox



We have learnt so much together so here is my promises from what we have learnt so far.  I will do everything I can to keep you happy and healthy for many many many years to come:

I promise to talk kindly. You don’t understand the word “No”… I get that now. And it turns out that teaching you the right way to behave and giving you praise and treats (yeah yeah I know… don’t forget the treats) is far more effective. Yep that thing called positive reinforcement. I should never need to raise my voice or rouse on you if I have been doing my job and teaching you the behaviour that I expect. You don’t know what you don’t know. And it turns out that this was a pretty handy thing to learn for the Toddler’s sake too.


I promise to keep you fit. OK so I don’t want you to get a big head about it but lots of people are commenting these days on how fit you are looking. It turns out that our runs, walks, core work on the FitPaws stuff, jump training and all the other fun stuff we do together is paying off. You look in great shape little guy and long may this continue for a long and active life. Even if it is pouring with rain outside we have learnt so many exercises we can do inside to keep you fit.


I promise to keep your mind active. I get there are some days that are boring and I spend way too long sitting in front of my computer claiming that I do actually need to work so I can buy you bones and other yummy foods… and really I do, but what I have learnt is that you have the ability and a love to learn new things. Who would have thought you would already have the letters CCD RE JD GD SD ET* after your name? And more is still to come. I love watching your tail wag as you heel around an Obedience or Rally O ring, cringing as you launch yourself of the A-frame with your enthusiasm to get to the next obstacle, learning together the more advanced Obedience exercises and can’t wait to take you out to try Tracking this year (I think your nose was just made for that one). I had no idea when you first came into my life that all these things existed and I am loving every moment of learning all these new things together.


I promise to feed you well. You have inspired the chef in my to find nutritious ways to keep you healthy. I know you would be happy with just about anything I feed you, I get the Labrador stomach isn’t too fussy, but I love researching healthy home made alternatives to ensure that you have the fuel you need for all your activities and adventures.


I promise to keep finding cool new places to hang out together. Who knew there were so many great dog parks and beaches, cafes that welcome dogs and holiday destinations to go on with the 4 pawed furry member of the family. It isn’t an adventure without you and I promise to keep finding more places that we can go together because I love having you by my side. 


I promise to continue to teach The Toddler what it is to be a god pet owner. She loves you little guy… even on the days she is trying to put bangles around your paws and hey she hasn’t tried to put a tutu on you yet. She loves to help walk you, feed you, wash you after you have both been jumping in the mud. She even decided her cubby house was a pet food store and needed to come get your food to stock the store and feed you… how cool is that? You in return are the most patient, gentle and loyal dog a little girl could have by her side as she grows up in this big wide world…. her furry big brother she can tell her secrets too and know you will not judge her and will be there for her as long as this world allows. She will remember you forever little guy.  


I promise to love you for just being a PAWsome dog. No matter how many tricks you learn, scrabble letters you get after your name and other cool stuff you do… you will always be my little guy that will snuggle up beside my leg for a scratch behind the ear. You always great me at the door when I come home with your tail wagging and a ball (or whatever stuffed toy The Toddler has left on the floor) in your mouth and look up at me with those gorgeous brown eyes. I will take the time to just let you be a PAWsome dog. We can play fetch, we can go for walks, have a swim together and then come home for belly scratches.


You have bought so much love and fun into my life little guy and I hope I go some way in returning that cause I love you so much.


Mum xoxox”


OK so there you have it guys…. did Mum make you get a bit teary? She is such a sook!


So what about you? What would you write in a letter to your pet on Love Your Pet Day? What promises would you make to your pet? We would love to here them.




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* for anyone interested these are the ANKC Titles I have…. they mean Community Companion Dog (Obedience), Rally Excellent (Rally Obedience), Jumping Dog, Gamblers Dog, Snooker Dog (Agility), Endurance Title (other fun dog stuff). Phew…. we have been busy Mum. 



  • Jo @ Creature Clinic
    February 19, 2015

    Bodhi, You are one lucky pooch! All these special promises really show just how much you mean to your mum. I think she feels pretty lucky to have you too, so keep up the great work being such a PAWsome dog! x

  • Kerry
    February 19, 2015

    Wonderful Melinda. I was wondering how you were going to write a letter when you write as Bodhi! Clever! Love that your little human one has set up a pet food store in her cubby house to take extra special care of Bodhi! He’s one much loved dog!

  • Dr Belinda
    February 20, 2015

    Lovely letter! Bodhi is one lucky boy to be a part of your family. He certainly does look like a first world dog in these pictures! Send big pats and cuddles his way

  • Amy Wise
    February 23, 2015

    So many great promises here! Bodz you are a lucky pooch and of course your mum is lucky to have you too. It seems like you have a clear place in your home, which is wonderful.

    You have achieved so much in agility and also welcoming a fur-less puppy into your home. 😀

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