Let’s Go Running – Love That Pet Product Review

Super excited when Mum said… let’s go shopping and get some running gear! OH YEAH!

For those that don’t know the original reason Mum got little ol’ me was because she wanted a running partner. Mum used to run heaps with some friends but as things happen, Mum and these friends all ended up moving a bit further away from each other, this made getting together for a run a couple of times a week a bit tougher. So hence I came onto the picture…. and Mum & I love to go running together.

But you know what… sometimes running with Mum is a bit annoying. You see she is trying to run while holding the lead. Anyone else have that problem?

The team at Love That Pet offered us the opportunity to go onto their online store, choose a couple of products to purchase, try them out and tell you guys about them. Mum was already thinking we need to get a harness for running so Mum jumped online to check out what they had to offer.

Gotta say the online store is really easy to sniff around in. Clearly split out by dog stuff and cat stuff. Or you can choose by brand if you have something in particular that you wanted. All Mum knew is that she wanted to check out harnesses so we simply clicked on that. A nice range of options (enough to give choice but not too many to get too confusing) and really well explained with great photos, description and measurement information. We chose the EzyDog Plate Harness. We then sniffed around a bit further under leads and came across the EzyDog Road Runner Lead… what a PAWsome find.

Our gear arrived within 48 hours and was nicely packaged up.


OK that bit I didn’t get so excited about…. But wait until we got out running.

The EzyDog Plate Harness. Yep thanks to the Love That Pet descriptions and measurements the harness fits perfectly and makes a huge difference to me pulling when we run. The comfy chest plate means that rather than my collar pulling (and it is just a standard flat collar as Mum doesn’t use those chocker ones) the pressure is instead on my chest and much more comfortable. Some other unplanned pluses are that the harness doubles as a car harness with the simple attachment (always important to stay safe in the car) and is also easy for mum to wash in the washing machine (discovered that after we were on holidays down the beach and running to and from the off leash beach with me having a swim when we got there).


EzyDog Road Runner Lead. It was really that Road Runner Lead that got Mum & I excited. Why? Firstly, rather than Mum having to hold the lead in her hand, the lead attaches around her waist (with some padding too so it is comfy for her). It means both her arms can move freely. If I do pull than Mum can easily reach down to the lead but takes a lot of the continuing annoying movement out for it for both of us and is much easier on Mum’s shoulders and back. Also, the Road Runner Lead has a “Zero Shock” bungee feature. A super simple bit of bungee that means if I do get distracted by a smell it is just that bit easier on Mum.


Can you see the cool bungee bit?


The way the waist clip works is also super easy for Mum to put on and take off, if she doesn’t want to wear it around her waist than she can easily adjust it to be a normal lead with a hand handle (and can adjust the length).

Here is a video of us going for a run with both the EzyDog Plate Harness and the Ezy Dog Road Runner Lead so you can see how comfy and easy to use they are for both Mum and I.

Thanks to the team at Love That Pet for allowing us to check out their online store and test out some of their great products.

And to share the love around the Love That Pet team are offering 1st World Dog readers a 20% discount on their toys, leads, harnesses and collars.  With New Years Resolutions just around the corner this is a great excuse to get some new running gear for you and your 4 paws exercise buddy and get out there together and go for a run. The offer is valid until 15 Jan 2015 so get your doggy running gear ready for a fun 2015.




Have a great run

Bodhi Ooo

















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  • Jo @ Creature Clinic
    December 17, 2014

    Great post Bodhi! I feel the need to throw on my runners and get out there! It’s been a while, or maybe forever, since I ran. I love the look of the dog road runner lead, might have to invest in one 🙂

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