Just one bar

We are out at an agility trial today. Our 1st run of the day was Novice Agility. Bit of a tricky course, don’t see a table at the start very often, and a mum needed to do some more techie courses to be in the right place for me. So a bit like our last trial, we did the tough stuff…. And then almost at the end. Oppps. Sorry mum. Just one bar down…


Here is our run…

  • rubytheblacklabrador
    September 7, 2013

    Nice weaving but I think that beam is a bit too high off the ground! ps. tell mum she needs to take longer strides:)

    • 1st World Dog
      September 7, 2013

      Thanks Ruby.
      Those bars too high…. I want to be a 400 dog!
      Feedback given to mum. We have another day tmw so she can work on it then.

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