It was like watching mum attempt to waltz…. front crosses @ Cutedogs

This afternoon Mum & I went out to a place I am really starting to love to do some training. We learn really cool stuff (well actually Mum learns heaps and therefore she can tell me the right stuff and the right time) and I get to hang out with some great dogs and their owners. Even had a stand off today with a cow…. thankfully there was a decent fence between us because the cow was kinda big.


So today we were working on Front Crosses and Tunnel Turns. We did a bit of practice on specific things first and then we put it all together as a course. Mum was pretty stoked with how we went and well I was happy because I got lots of pats and treats. Here is a video of us doing the course.


We also got to have a run around out the back after. This is where I met the cow (there were also some sheep and a horse but Mum is pretty happy I didn’t seem to take much notice of them). After playing with Bodhi-cam out there the other week, Mum had some stick thing this time that she was holding down near us dogs as we were wondering around. Here is a video of me and some of the others. Mum also videoed me going over some of the equipment while she was carrying this stick thing…. wonder what she is going to come up with next?



Looking forward to our next adventure out to see the gang at Cutedogs.

Bodhi Oooo


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