Yep we get to this New Year business and Mum gets all excited about setting goals for the year ahead. Most of these involve some sort of fitness goal and hence I come to the fore as her running buddy. OK I’m kinda cool with that and this morning, as the 1st day of the new year, I was happy to oblige with accompany Mum on a run.



Can you spot me?

This time last year we wrote about Why Dogs Are Great At Helping With New Years Resolutions. We even have our new running gear.

So what about 2015. What crazy ideas has Mum got?

Well in 2015 we are going to keep it pretty simple…..




Yep that is it folks. We were inspired by a post a friend put on Facebook that just made us smile. Here it is…




So what does Be PAWsome mean?

1. Have A Great Time. One of the big learnings Mum had in 2014 was how important making whatever we are doing fun. Making sure I am excited to be doing whatever activity or training we are doing is critical to me learning and ideally doing well. Mum has loved continuing to learn more about Positive Reinforcement… and the 2 keys things for Mum to remember 1) It is never (well rarely) the dog’s fault and 2) LOTS of treats!


2. Get Back To Basics. 2014 was full of a-Ha moments of what we didn’t know that we didn’t know. But in a cool way.  We have been having a PAWsome time learning the foundations of agility. We have also found that it has made a huge positive difference in the connection between Mum & I which has come across in success in the Obedience and Rally O rings too.


3. Try New Things. When we 1st started out doing this training thing it was basically so I would be a well behaved dog. We then spotted people doing agility and thought that would be fun so kept working on Obedience so we could join in and do Agility (just how our club works that you need a minimum level of Obedience to train in Agility). Well things have just kept going from there and well I now have a bunch of Scrabble letters after my name… currently Bodhi CCD RE JD GD SD ET (even Mum is finding it hard to keep track). Last year we tried Nosework and I loved it (and Mum loved seeing me love it) and this year we plan on giving Tracking ago… so watch this space as I put my nose to work.


Having my 1st go at Nosework….

So this is what we are going to be doing to make 2015 PAWsome. Yep we will be out there competing but first and foremost it will be about having fun and being PAWsome.  So what about you guys… what are your New Years Resolutions?

Bodhi Oooo


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