I’m the best personal trainer

After getting mum out of bed…
This involves a 5 Step Plan to get mum out of bed…
1. Nudge any body parts overhanging the bed.
2. Lick body parts overhanging the bed.
3. Hop on bed and try to lick face (mum usually tries to hide under cover at this point…. As her personal trainer I do not let her give up at this point).
4. Nudge under her arms to get some pats before the last step.
5. Lay across her stomach (ie over her bladder) until she gets up… Wiggle and roll at this point to speed up the process.

Enjoy the run and then don’t forget to provide further motivation if she lays on the floor to do stretches or any further exercise….
Sit ups means reach up and pat before I lick on the forehead.


Happy Sunday morning!!!

  • rubytheblacklabrador
    October 14, 2013

    You’re lucky. I’m locked in downstairs with child gates. Can hear them moving around but have to wait patiently til they let me out for brekkie and a good roll on the grass:)

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