I do love a beach holiday – Greenfields Getaway

If you follow my Facebook page or Instagram account than hopefully I have been making you jealous with my holiday happy snaps. Sorry about that but hey the good news is that now I am going to tell you all about this cool place.

The family and of course me LOVE heading to the NSW South Coast. The Shoalhaven area is great at looking after us dogs. There are a number of beaches that dogs are allowed to walk along on leash and some of the gorgeous beaches down there are off leash areas (usually before 8am and after 4pm but to be honest that is the best times to be down on the beach before it gets too hot). Check out the link here to the details of the Shoalhaven Dog Off Leash Areas.

A lot of holiday rental properties in the area allow dogs too and we checked out a place called Greenfields Getaway on our recent holiday. Greenfields Getaway is just south of Vincentia inside Jervis Bay. This makes it about a 3.5 hour drive from Sydney (but don’t forget to stop at Berry on the way through.. more posts to come on some great dog friendly cafes). The humans really enjoyed the house itself. Plenty of room for 2 families consisting of 4 adults and 3 toddlers (yep… I get to spend my holidays with THREE toddlers!) and I even got a room all of my own (it is the “study” if you are checking out the floor plan of the place) which was a great spot to put my crate and my sofa bed giving me a little spot away from the chaos of the toddlers. It also had a really comfy fluffy rug on the floor in there.

The back deck of the property is fenced and secure for larger dogs but guessing a small dog could easily slip through. Unfortunately the front yard isn’t quite secure (I did find the holes in the fence) and there is access between the courtyard and the front yard. But don’t worry the trips to the beach will mean you are too tired to do much more than nap the rest of the day.


Holidays are exhausting…. 

So speaking of beaches. Nelsons Beach is where it is at! Nelson Beach is an easy 1.5km walk from Greenfields Getaway. The road is really quiet, which is good as there isn’t really any sidewalk but seriously at best we would see 1 car each way. We walked along the road until the crossroad down to Blenheim Beach and then walked (on lead) along the track until we got to Nelson Beach. Unfortunately Greenfields and Blenheim Beaches are both within the Jervis Bay National Park and therefore dogs are not allowed on the beaches or the paths around those beaches. But you don’t need those other beaches as Nelson Beach is a nice long beach with plenty of room to run.

IMG_0365Plenty of room to run along Nelsons Beach…


I’ll just check which way we head from here Mum…



If that isn’t enough walking then from Nelsons Beach you can keep walking all the way to the shops at Vincentia (think Mum and her friend needed a coffee). From Nelson Beach there is a walking path all the way to the shops or there is also the option to walk on-leash around Plantation Point and past the sailing club. We didn’t measure it but think it was probably about an 8km walk (don’t worry there are a couple of taps along the way in various parks to get some water).


Waiting for Mum to put me back on lead at Plantation Point…

WOW with all that walking I think everyone was getting hungry. In which case Hyams Beach Store & Cafe is the place to go. From Greenfields it is about a 2km walk down to Hyams Beach but that is through the National Park (no dogs allowed) so we jumped in the car and drove around. More about the cafe itself coming in another post but handy to know this great spot is close at hand (11 min drive from the house to the cafe according to Dad and his coffee run) and the beach itself is cool with dogs being on lead.

So had a great time down the South Coast and hope this gives you some hints on places to go if you head down there.

Bodhi Oooo


Hehehe…. had to do a sandy paw print.


Some other options around the area are also Baywinds at Callala Beach and Crescent View at Culburra Beach.



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