Have Faith Mum…. We broke the cardboard drought

So if you have been following our Agility adventures than you are probably aware of our cardboard drought. What do we mean by that? Well a lack of what in agility they term qualification cards. To get one of these pieces of cardboard we need to do a run a) in the right order, b) keep all the bars up and c) do it within a specific time frame. The last one about time is less of an issue.

This weekend was the Festival of Agility. Last year was our 1st time and it was pretty awesome. 2 days of agility (although only got to go to one this year due to family stuff) with our usual events, plus the agility games, plus… wait there is more… the Festival Club Challenge… Woohoo our club came 2nd… think my cheering from the side helped, plus the Dog of the Year final. OK if this last one was a beauty contest I might be up there but this is for dogs, and their handlers, who gain points at certain events during the year and then run off in the final at the Festival.

So lots of our friends had PAWsome runs and were picking up quallies and ribbons all over the place. Very very cool.

We started off the day with Strategic Pairs. Can’t help but laugh during Strat Pairs. 2 teams (i.e. 2 dogs and 2 handlers) out on a course together. The course is split up so each team runs a bit and then the other team runs a bit. All sounds pretty simple unless one team makes an error (i.e. drops a bar) and then the other team need to come over and fix the error. This is where the “Strategic” bit comes in. Do the teams swap places all together and run the bits the other was meant to? Does the “fix it” team just come and do the fix it bit and then go back to what was originally planned. Well as you can see from the video of our run…. I think a bit more work was required on the “strategic” bit mums. Loved finally getting a chance to run with my Border Collie friend Biddy (we have entered a couple of other times but Biddy or her mum couldn’t run because of injuries). While no cardboard on that one it was fun.


We also had a run in Novice Snooker…. took down one of the Red Bars…. D’oh.


Open Jumping… hmmmm. One of our friends came up afterwards and commented on what a great run it was. Mum’s response “you obviously missed the start”. Hehehe. Ah yeah… besides breaking the start and then doing an off course before it really got started (sorry about that Mum) the distance challenge was a bit tough. But the 2nd half of the run was PAWsome. Here is the video so you can see what I mean.


And then the highlight…. the bit I got HEAPS of treats for afterwards. I mean I always get treats but Mum seriously let loose with the treat bag after this one. Mum had walked the Excellent Jumping course and was kinda shaking her head and using the odd explicative as she was walking the course. She figured with my start line stays (or lack thereof) that I was likely to go the straight line of jumps and there for DQ’ed before the 3rd obstacle (the tunnel). Well I didn’t… well I did break my startling but mum managed to get me into the tunnel at the right time. Then we did an awesome tandem turn, then a really nice rear cross from Mum (the practice the other week obviously paid off) and somehow we managed to not take any of the other potential off courses and all the bars stayed up and…. WE BROKE THE CARDBOARD DROUGHT! We got a clear run! We got a quallie. Oh you want to see the video… Here it is. We rocked it!


Other highlights for today….

1) Got all my weaves perfectly – entries and all…. maybe it was listening to the Bad Dog Agility Podcast on weaves on the drive out to the trial.

2) Although the odd bar

2) LOTS of cuddles from Mum when it rained in the middle of the day and we snuggled in the back of the car to stay warm and dry.


3) Had one of our 1st World Dog readers who I hadn’t met before come up and say Hi and give me pats…. she didn’t ask for my autograph but it was lovely to meet her. Almost felt a bit Rock Star-ish… like when I go up to The Toddler’s kindy and we get the little human mosh pit happening…. ok maybe not like that today… but it was still pretty cool.


Almost coming to the end of the agility season but stay tuned as there are a few more to go.

Bodhi Oooo







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