Happy 2nd Blogging Birthday To Me!

With all the excitement of recent weeks and days I missed an important event…. My little blog here turned 2! Yep 2 years of 1st World Dog stories.


Going back and reading about the 1st year of 1st World Dog and then thinking about what has happened in Year 2 some of our highlights are:


  • Blog Awards: and have finished up our 2nd year by being announced as a Finalist in the BUPA Blog Awards in the Animal Lovers category.
  • Lots Of New Blogging Friends: yep a special call out to our dog blog friends near and far. From ones that we play and train with regularly like AgilityPap and Mawson  to those that inspire us and we hope to meet one day like Pretty Fluffy, Dog Adventures and That Dog Dancing Guy. And it isn’t about the blogging it is about the PAWsome ideas of great ways to spend time with us, your 4 pawed buddies.


So that is all the blogging stuff that has happened in the last 12 months but what about the stuff that has happened away from the keyboard:

  • New Scrabble Letters: when the blog turned 1 Mum was pretty chuffed that I had RA ET after my name. Will now I have a CCD RE JD GD SD ET…. phew….


  • My Sis: through the wonders of social media Mum managed to stumble upon my sister and we got to meet on my (well our I guess) birthday.


  • International Friends: through agility we attended (well just mum in the case of One Mind Dogs) some seminars where our eyes were opened to new knowledge and ways of “working the course”. Fantastic hints and great feedback on how to help Mum & I work better as a team. Special soft spot for Zsofi Biro who was incredibly patient and knowledgable.



Wow there has been SO much happen. Hopefully most of the cool stuff we have already captured in the blog as we write our usual posts or shared photos and stories on Facebook and Instagram. Hope you have enjoyed our journey so far with us and hope you continue on as we see where the next 12 months and beyond takes us…..

Bodhi Oooo









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