So what is the deal with kids dressing up and coming to the door??? It’s exhausting!!!

Last Wednesday the humans were doing something called Halloween. What it looked like to me…. little humans (kids) come down our driveway dressed up in weird outfits. I get excited jump up from my resting position on the lounge, run along lounge, over the shoe box and land waiting for them at the front door. (pretty standard behaviour for anyone coming down the driveway really).

Mum opens the front door to these strange looking little humans and I greet them with my usual enthusiasm. Mum then starts chatting to them and handing them (I’m not allowed to eat) chocolates from a bowl. While she is doing this I race off to the backyard to find a tennis ball to play fetch with the little humans. But when I return the little humans are heading back off up the driveway and mum has closed the front door. Oh dejected… I wanted to play fetch with the little humans.

OK I can handle this happening once… but this happened at least 20 times!!!! I greeted them and by the time I come back to the front door they are off up the driveway again.

I did however find a particular group of human girls (think they are called teenagers) who were really keen to give me pats. I decided the tennis ball and a game of fetch wasn’t as nice as the pats these girls in little witch outfits were giving… I hung around for pats instead of going to find my tennis ball. They were good pats.

But this whole halloween thing was exhausting…. and mum keeps saying something about dressing me up next year… ughhh!!!

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