Got myself some more Scrabble letters…. Metro Mid Week Trial

If you have been following My Obedience journey (well the times when I go into a trial ring and I am kinda behaving myself… unless Obedience involves snoozing on the lounge and bed) then you would be up with the fact I had got myself 2 CCD (Community Companion Dog) passes this year. Once you get 3 passes (and submit the relevant paperwork… mum hasn’t actually done that yet… I mean this all only happened today) you get to put the CCD letters after your name.

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So today we went to the Metro Mid Week trial. Back in April we broke our Metro Mid Week Curse. And today we smashed the curse  to smithereens. Maybe it has something to do with us recently joining the club and so we train down there a couple of times a month. I’m much more familiar with the grounds but either way I was just happy to pay attention to Mum.

Mum was a little nervous but she did what she has been doing lately and put on a big smile and stood up tall as we walked into the ring. All about being confident that we were going to do well. And we did! 25 out of 30 in the heeling pattern (blame Mum for not knowing her left from her right and turning the wrong way in an about turn which lost us 3 points). Then 20 out of 20 and 19 out of 20 for the Stand for Examination and Recall. That then put us into the Groups. Just a tad warm by the time myself and 5 other dogs (a good range of sizes from a little cocker to a couple of German Shepards) lined up but the great news is that we all made it through the Group 1 min Sit and 2 min Down. Always nice to see everyone get through and our parents all relived too as it gets a bit dicey is one of us gets up and moves and starts off a chain reaction.

The pass today got us our 3rd pass and now I can put CCD after my name…. You can now refer to me as Bodhi CCD RE ET JD (phew… and hopefully more to come). Now we have to get ready to start CD trialling… the heeling off lead, longer down stay and a new exercise called change of position (but don’t worry I have been practising it).

For those that want a recap… here are some of the highlights of the Obedience journey that got us to our CCD:

There were a couple of other attempts along the way that we bombed out on. Mum’s favourite was quite early in the heeling pattern when the judge asked “Is this your 1st trial?”…. ahhh yeah I wasn’t having a great day on that one. Stuff to sniff.

Also did another leg of my RAE today too and got another pass (my 2nd RAE pass). Only just with a 70 out of 100 in Rally Excellent (B). Phew… need 70 or more for a pass. But hey mum “a pass is a pass”. Did a bit better in Advanced (B) with 88 out of 100.

It has been  a big day so I’m off for a snooze now while I leave Mum to sort out the paperwork.

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