Being a 1st World Dog I have a busy life. That means there are some great dogs and people I come across in my day to day adventures…

Northern Suburbs Dog Training Club.  This is where I hang out a lot with my friends. A cool bunch of dogs and owners. The people that run the training are great at helping people understand how to look after us dogs.

CuteDogs Agility. Stacy went over and competed at the WAO in 2014 and with her supercool bunch of CuteDogs do some PAWsome online courses. If you are into agility than check it out and if you are just thinking about getting into agility than the Groundwork Foundations course is for you.

Drake Dogs. Niki is another one of our globe trotting agility friends. Niki has recently been to Finland and is now our local One Mind Dogs instructor.

Game On Dogs. This is our Go To for all our dog training needs. Be it videos, toys and even my cool FitPaws Peanut. Tsuey is also running a range of training options which my little Rough Collie mate goes to.

Good Dog. This is run by the mum of own of my friends, Barbara. My friend is pretty clever for a pup and Barbara is really nice. Believes in positive reinforcement learning… works for me because that usually involves food, pats or games. She also posts some interesting articles on her blog and Facebook page which my mum likes to read.

Get Smart Dogs. Run by another friend we train with. Some really good training tips in her Training Articles which Karin has been lovely enough to let us use in our Training Tip Tuesdays.


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