Foodie Friday – Puppy Treats

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Well mum has outdone herself today. I am starting to really like Foodie Friday. We have to thank Gila, one of the ladies we train with, and her very lucky dog Tess for sharing this recipe. This is home made treats that Gila makes and let me try at training the other week when we were talking treats. Hmmmm so good. I will almost do any trick you want for these.

What you will need to get out of the cupboard and fridge:

About a cup of flour

About a cup of oats

A tin of salmon (mum used a large tin)

3 eggs

What you do with the stuff:

What I love about this recipe is that it looked pretty easy. Mum just threw it all into a bowl.

Well the dry stuff first…

130913 Food Friday - Puppy treats (1)And then she threw the eggs in…

130913 Food Friday - Puppy treats (5)

Stir it all together and put it in a baking tin and pop it into a medium heat oven…

130913 Foodie Friday - Puppy treats

And there it went with me waiting…..

130913 Food Friday - Puppy treats (4)

But mum did let me lick the bowl (yum!!!)….

130913 Food Friday - Puppy treats (2)

And then it came out and mum cut it into little training size pieces….

130913 Food Friday - Puppy treats (3)

I have taste tested and it is very good. Looking forward to training tomorrow morning with our new homemade training treats.


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