Foodie Friday – Our Favourite Summer Treats

Here in Sydney we are definitely in the peak of summer and that means mum is always on the lookout for ways to keep me cool.


Sometimes that is a dip in the clam shell at home…. 


And if I’m really lucky a trip to the beach….



But there are some days when Mum just needs an easy solution and that is when I get some of my favourite summer treats.

Puppy Iceblocks: These are a staple in our freezer over summer. Mum always has a couple ready to go. Super easy to make and you can add all sorts of yummy bits into it. We would love to hear yours.



Blueberry, Kibble and Yoghurt Ice-Cream: If you want something a bit more substantial but still nice and cool this Ice-Cream is the way to go. Remember this cool treats can be a replacement for a meal (gotta watch that waistline).



Chicken Soup Ice-block: Speaking of waistline…. this one is SO light yet delicious.



Is it just me or can anyone else see a theme in the photos here? Yeah the other great thing about these Frozen Treats is that they keep me busy for a while. I have to lick them and that takes time. Busy pup means I am keeping out of other mischief.

Hope this give you some ideas for ways to stay cool over Summer and we would love to hear your ideas too.





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