Foodie Friday – A to Z of Dog Treats – F is for Fish

So Mum tells me she tries to eat fish at least once a week because it is good for her. She tells me it is good for me too. So what’s the story Mum? Why fish?






  • High in Protein: Turns out this protein stuff is pretty important. These proteins are necessary for all aspects of growth, development and renewal…. gotta keep me healthy! They are also important for keeping my skin and coat looking great and helping my immune system…. it’s tough to be a busy 1st World Dog with a sniffle.  
  • Good for Weight Control: These slippery little guys from the ocean are relatively low in saturated fats and have few empty calories. I have to keep myself trim…. so these fish things are handy for that.
  • Omega 3: Mum keeps saying this stuff is great for my joints and hey those joints are pretty important for all the running and jumping I do. Something about good fatty acids.


The other things that are great about a snack of fish:

  • Taste: They taste great! Love ’em!
  • Convenient: Well this is more a benefit for Mum. It’s super easy to have a tin of sardines in the cupboard.\
  • Cost: Another plus for Mu,m. Relative to a lot of manufactured dog food a tin of canned fish are relatively inexpensive…. so with all the benefits it makes them great value for money.


So like most things you can have too much of a good thing…. eating these finned guys is no different. It is great to have fish as a sometimes food. Most stuff we read recommends about once a week for fish in your diet. So enjoy in moderation.

And the important thing… how to serve them up…

It is super easy to just open a tin of tuna, salmon or sardines into the dinner bowl. Job done!

If you want to get creative here are some of my 1st World Dog Recipe Book ideas:


Puppy Treats


Tuna, Rice & Veggie Slice


Sardine Balls



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Oh and ps for your humans out there… forgot to mention our breath can be a bit stinky after those sardine things.

Bodhi Oooo





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