Foodie Friday – A to Z of Dog Treats – G is for Greens

Mum can often be heard in our house saying “now it your greens”. Well this can be directed to either myself or the Toddler. Yep, even for a 1st World Dog there is no escaping the “Greens”.


But hey it isn’t all bad. Actually these greens can be quite tasty as well as super healthy for me. Here are some favourites:


Green Beans: 

Grabbing a treat from the fridge doesn’t get much easier than this. No prep required treat! Just hand it over. These tasty treats are great for us dogs because they contain that good omega-3 fatty acids, PAWsome for my joints, and also vitamins A, C & K. There is also a whole bunch of minerals in there that us dogs need including calcium, fibre and iron (and that is just a few).


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I’m a bit fussier on how Mum serves up that broccoli stuff, especially the fluffy end. Mum often serves up this stuff cut into small pieces, softened slightly by microwaving for a minute and then mixed in with my kangaroo mince. Gheez I hope I’m not sounding high maintenance here (hehehe…. I’m a 1st World Dog after all)

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The other easy way to do Broccoli is the stalks. Well broccolini actually. Broccolini has all the same benefits of broccoli…low in calories and a good source of fibre, calcium, beta-carotene, folate and vitamin A and C, but those stalks make great little training treats. Cut the ends off, use the big part for your dinner and do some trick training with yours truly with the bits you have cut off.



OK this one isn’t the beauty treatment version.



Nah this is about a light & refreshing treat… it is Foodie Friday after all, not Friday Beauty Review. A really good one for a hot summer’s day. Slice up cucumber and then cut into quarters. Keep it raw – no need to do anything special with it apart from cut into pieces. It is a low calorie treat that is full of nutrients.


Oh and if you do want to turn the oven on and put the effort in here is the recipe for our Tuna, Rice and Veggie Slice.



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