Well I may not be as lucky as my mate Mawson, seriously his Mum made him poached eggs with the fresh eggs from their chickens!

So let’s talk eggs. Yummo! Super easy and really good for me.

Let’s cover that nutritional stuff first. Yep eggs are good for us dogs. Eggs are also one of the most complete sources of amino acids, the building blocks of protein. That means it is good for muscle development and muscle repair. They also contain  Vitamin A, Riboflavin, Folate, Vitamin B12, Iron, Selenium and Fatty Acids. Wow lots of good stuff in that little shell. And oh yeah the shell. Either giving us the egg whole, i.e. with shell on or crushing up the shell and spreading it on my food is also a great source of Calcium.

Now the raw vs cooked debate. Mum and I aren’t experts in this but I will say I enjoy them both ways. There is a slight risk of  salmonella with raw ends so if you are concerned than go forth and cook. There are nutritional benefits in leaving raw but either way they are still a great addition to a dog’s diet.

The other watch out is biotin deficiency. Biotin (Vitamin H) is important for muscle formation, growth, digestion and can be used in managing allergies and skin conditions. So it is good stuff. So with all the good stuff in eggs the raw egg white do contain avidin, which is a Biotin inhibitor.  The flip side is that egg yolks are very high in biotin. So guess what… just eat the whole egg and like most thing just don’t over do it. It should be part of a balanced and mixed diet… I mean that is why we are doing an A to Z so we give you lots of ideas. 

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Now how do you serve them up, unless you are Mawson and they come poached thanks to his Mum (my Mum… please take note)?

  • Well the easiest way is to either hand over the whole egg, shell on and all, or simply crack the end into a bowl.
  • You can do all the things you humans do with it. Just remember the No-No dog stuff like onions.
  • Eggs are an ingredient in many of the baked dog treats in the 1st World Dog Recipe Book too.


So there you have E is for Eggs. Happy Foodie Friday everyone. It’s now time for me to eat.

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Bodhi Oooo



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  • bakeplaysmile
    September 19, 2014

    I’m going to try and give my dog Shari an egg with her dinner tonight. I seriously don’t know if she’ll eat it – she’s so ridiculously fussy but I’m definitely willing to give it a go!!! Thanks so much for linking up with our Fabulous Foodie Fridays party! xx

    • Melinda Duker
      September 19, 2014

      Did she like it Lucy?
      It is one of those things that I used to get every now and then raw on top of my food or weekend breakfast leftovers. It was researching this post that we discovered how good they are. When Mum was making my treats for tomorrow she just crushed up the shell in her hand and put it in my bowl and a gobbled it up (the Lab in me). She would have just put it in the compost before. Now I’m like a mobile compost.

  • Madeleine | The Daily Mark
    September 22, 2014

    Oh gosh, my Wilma LOVES soft boiled eggs! She’s a bit of a diva! 🙂
    Madeleine, The Daily Mark

    • Melinda Duker
      September 22, 2014

      Ohhhh sounds like Wilma gets 1st World Dog treatment too. We do love seeing the pics of Wilma over on your Instagram.

  • annegreen2013
    September 22, 2014

    Glad to know this about eggs and dogs as we’ve been giving ours raw ones a couple of times a week. One of them has a tricky tummy so she no longer has them raw but loves them cooked.

    • Melinda Duker
      September 22, 2014

      Nice to hear your pups enjoy eggs Anne. Does your pup gets them poached like my mate Mawson?

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