Foodie Friday – 1 Year Anniversary Of Being Official Taste Tester

Well 12 months ago inspired by the amazing pupcakes made by members of the dog training club we belong to support the RSPCA Cupcake Day we started Foodie Friday and the 1st World Dog Recipe Book.

In that time I have worked extremely hard being the official taste tester of 23 recipes.

So I figured at this, our 1st Anniversary of Foodie Friday, I would give you my top 3 recipes. Ohhhh this is going to be tough.

1st off has to be Pup Treats. Like a lot of our treats this one is super easy… so much so that this is probably made once a fortnight and is a regular as my treat at competitions and trials. Mix it up between tuna and salmon but the basic recipe to healthy and really simple to make. Have also discovered my rough collie mates down the street love it too.


Next up I am going with the Breakfast of Champions… My Breakfast Muesli. I get a little bit of breakfast of a morning when Mum and The Toddler are having their breakfast (think Mum hopes it will keep me out of the way for a couple of minutes… kinda does) and this is a super healthy way to start the day (well after a walk of course).


And now 3rd on the list is a great summer treat. Getting ready for this one…. Frozen Banana & Peanut Butter Puppy Icecream. Oh yeah! It can be  a bit chewy but this is so yummy.



Plenty more recipes over on the 1st World Dog Recipe Book  and if you have any great recipes than I am sure Mum would love to try making them and I’d love to taste them so drop us a comment down below.

And speaking of keeping in touch… because we have now done all the techie stuff we are now set up to have updates sent directly to your email. If you would like to subscribe just pop your email address in over on the right hand side and we are going to be sending out a newsletter with exclusive content (hopefully including some more recipes).

Now…. tell the human to get into the kitchen and get baking!

Bodhi Oooo



  • weliveinaflat
    September 5, 2014

    Happy first year anniversary of being a taste tester Bodhi! What a lucky pup!

  • Jess
    September 7, 2014

    Awesome! These recipes are better than what I eat 😉

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