Food Friday – Kangaroo, Pumpkin & Turmeric Slice

When Mum makes me treats she likes to make things that are good for me. So it means she looks for ingredients that are not only good for me but offer pro-active benefits for my health. Our Kangaroo, Pumpkin & Turmeric Slice is not only delicious but is also full of great ingredients.



Kangaroo: A great protein source but the best bit is that it is low in fat. Seriously adding kangaroo to my diet has made a big difference to me loosing a few kgs.

Pumpkin: Another one that is good for keeping the kgs off, anyone else sensing a trend here?, plus also great for digestive health.

Turmeric: We discovered turmeric as a PAWsome ingredient through Paws & Pedals and have enjoyed reading more on Turmeric Life. What we thought was particularly interesting about turmeric was the anti-inflammatory. With all my running and jumping anything that does a bit extra to protect my body has to be a good thing.


So let’s get into what you need to do…..

What You Need_-2




Look at how well behaved I am waiting!!!….


This photo stuff is starting to take a bit too long….


Yep… taking too long. Let’s Eat!

A delicious, easy and good for you treat… great to cut up into small pieces for when you are training.

If you like turmeric than check out our Chicken & Turmeric Slice and there are plenty of other recipes over in our 1st World Dog Recipe Book.




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