Eau De Stinky Stuff

Don’t know whether it is the cabin fever (it has been raining here in Sydney for AGES!) or just that the rain seems to bring out the great perfume but every time Mum takes me out at the moment I find smelly stuff to roll in. Yep REALLY roll in. Get that scent REALLY rubbed in on my neck and under my ears. That is the best place.

Mum however seems less impressed by this.

Firstly we went out for a quick walk between the rain early in the week and Mum let me of leash briefly to run crazy…. and I found some great stinky stuff to have a good roll in. Mum was super impressed. So impressed she bought me straight home, got out the dog soap and took me out to the backyard with the hose.

photo-8 copy

She washed away my perfume….. 

So I needed to redo it all again. Yesterday we went for a walk around an off-leash area with my mates (and the new pup… more about her in a post soon). Found some more super stinky stuff…. and just far enough away from mum that I could ignore her calls and she couldn’t run to stop me quick enough. Eau de Stinky Stuff done again. Except this time it was later in the day and credit to mum she felt bad about putting me under the hose. Instead we had a shower.

photo 1-3

I know the water is warmer than the hose but I’m still not sure….  

Mum finds the shared shower the quickest (and strangely cleanest) way to get me clean after I spruce up with the stinky stuff.

Some hints:

1. Have Towels Ready: should go without saying but you want to have the dog towels (Mum recommends 2 for a dog of my size) in the bathroom ready. You don’t want a wet dog and human running around the house after.

2. A Bowl Or Jug Helps Get The Tricky Places: the benefit of the hose is getting to the tricky places that I LOVE to perfume (i.e. under my neck and behind my ears). It can be a bit tougher to get those spots wet and rinsed in the shower but filling a bowl or jug with a bit of water from the shower takes away that challenge.

3.  Shake It In The Shower: once the water is off there is a rule…. I’m not allowed to leave the shower cubicle until I have had a good shake (ideally 2 shakes). Mum thinks it keeps the bathroom cleaner if I shake while I am still in the shower… although have to say I still like a sneaky shake when she isn’t expecting it once I am out.

So what happens at your place at bath time? 


Image Credit http://www.allaboutthepipes.com

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