Bodhi-Cam…. They keep talking about looking at it from the dog’s line

Mum and her agility friends talk a lot about the dog’s line and try to imagine things from the point of view of us dogs. After testing out Bodhi-cam during the week we took it to the next level today… onto some agility equipment.

Mum was worried that the funny thing she put on my back would mean I would’t clear jumps or do the weaves properly but turns out that was a non-event. With mum handing over heaps of treats for making me do silly stuff we had heaps of fun.

Here is a video of me doing some of the agility with the funny Go-Pro thing attached to my back.


photo 4

N.B. There isn’t enough clearance for me to go through the tunnel with the camera on my back. May need to enlist the help of a smaller agility buddy like Agility Pap. Sorry Mawson but you are probably a bit too big too. We will have to send the pap into the tunnel with the silly thing on his back.

Bodhi Oooo






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