Agility & Beach Holiday… What More Can A Dog Ask For? Belmont Pines Caravan Park

2 of my fav things…. running agility courses AND getting to hang out with the family on a beach holiday. So life doesn’t get much better when they are combined for a weekend away up on the NSW Coast at Lake Macquarie. The occasion was an agility trial being held by the Newcastle All Breeds Dog Club at the Hillsborough Dog Grounds but the real reason for this blog post is to share with you the cool place we stayed for the weekend.

While people competing at the trial can camp at the grounds there isn’t much to do there except be at the agility trial. If it was just Mum & I than that would have been cool but we had the whole pack…. yeah seriously. We had the Toddler, plus Nana & Poppy and Dad even joined us for a night too. Full house. So it was important to us that they had something to do apart from watching yours truly and my friends race around an agility course. So instead Mum found Belmont Pines Caravan Park.


So what we liked about Belmont Pines Caravan Park:

  • The Location: The park is set on a little peninsula so there is just the one road in and out and you are otherwise surrounded by water. This is PAWsome as you feel quite safe on your almost island and there is a water view from almost everywhere. This is also PAWsome for going for walks as you can go for nice walks around the water’s edge around the park or sitting and having dinner on the water’s edge. We also found the park to be nice and quiet even though it was a weekend.


Enjoying a lovely sunset while the family enjoyed fish & chips…. Is this my best “share with me please” face?


  • The Human’s Facilities: So I wasn’t allowed in but from what Mum reports the bathroom block was modern and clean. They also have a kitchen area for the campers which Mum & Nana had a look at and said that looked pretty good too… I offered to go check the kitchen out but unfortunately dogs aren’t allowed in there either… wonder why???


  • Cool Stuff For The Toddler To Do: Keeping the Toddler busy is pretty important and Belmont Pines has a playground that got a definite Paws Up from the Toddler (well if she had paws she would give it a Paws Up).  Also popular with the big and small humans is the pool. This had a deep area for the big humans and also a shallower area for the Toddler. Yep… I know… Dogs weren’t allowed in these areas but hey it kept everyone happy while Mum & I were off doing the agility thing. Some of the little humans also kept themselves busy by fishing from the banks. The toddler tried but she didn’t manage to catch me dinner….



Supervising the little humans attempting to catch my dinner…. 


  • Getting Your Paws Wet: While dogs need to be kept on lead at all times with so much water around I had the chance to get my paws wet after a long day of agility. Ohhh… it felt good and it also gave me the chance to try my own paws at fishing… well it was good until something touch my paws and then Mum laughed when I jumped out of the water really quickly.



The fishing thing was all good fun until something touched my paw… did someone forget to explain crabs have claws to me?


  • Lots Of Well Behaved Friends: I definitely wasn’t the only dog there… in fact we probably counted more than 10 other dogs that were also staying there but all were well behaved.

There wasn’t anything we didn’t like about this place but a couple of things to know:

  • Pets are only allowed in your own caravan or tent. Pets aren’t allowed in the cabins unfortunately… it’s BYO accommodation.
  • Human food options within walking distance are limited but they did find a great Italian place that does delicious take-away pizza… Mum recommends Salina’s and I would too based off the bit of crust she shared. It is also worth keeping a listen out for the fresh seafood guy who comes around the park on a Friday afternoon. He comes around with his van stocked with oysters, prawns and fish… not enough sharing with me as far as I was concerned but Mum says it was delicious (n.b. he is cash only so make sure you have some money with you if you are there on a Friday afternoon).
  • We had book a standard powered site…. next time we would definitely go a waterfront site. While our spot was nice and no one is a long walk from the lovely views it definitely would have been worth the extra to be able to just pull my bed out and enjoy the view of the ducks passing by (oh yeah…. a warning for any Gundog owners…. there are HEAPS of ducks wandering around).


Seriously…. the ducks were everywhere…. I just got bored of stalking them.

If you have your own caravan or tent than we definitely think this place is worth a visit, even if we weren’t going up there for an agility trial we would go back for a family holiday as it is less than 2 hours out of Sydney.

So humans it is time to get out there and enjoy a weekend away with your furry buddy.

Bodhi Oooo


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 N.B. Nothing in this post was sponsered or paid for advertising. These are all just places we came across on our holiday, enjoyed and wanted to share. While we hope you have a great time if you do take on any of the recommendations we take no responsibility if your experiences differ from ours. 

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