We go through lots of treats. With lots of training we need treats (pay up Mum!) and Mum is always trying to come up  with both delicious and healthy treats for me. Going through Foodie Friday A to Z of Dog Treats is a great way of coming up with fresh ideas for treats.  Dog treats that taste great (they need to motivate), are easy to make (who wants to spend time making treats when we can be out playing) and are healthy (I eat plenty of them so I they need to be good for me).


We hope this gives you plenty of treat ideas and we would love to hear yours.

Bodhi Oooo



A is for Apple


B is for Blueberry



C is for Carrot


D is for Dehydrated

photo 1


 E is for Eggs



F is for Fish 


G is for Greens

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 9.12.12 pm

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