A PAWsome day of Agility Fun

Well it has been a while since we have written about our adventures at agility trials. That is mainly because we haven’t been doing as many trials. But we haven’t been slacking off. We have spent more time doing some PAWsome seminars and have to say it feels like they have been paying off with some PAWsome runs. No clear runs but just some really, really nice bits that Mum & I are proud off and feeling like this game called agility is coming together for us….Or at least we are having heaps of fun. It was also only our 2nd ADAA trial so a few pieces of different equipment (tighter weave poles, bigger see-saw and all wing jumps) are out there but we also do a HEAP of runs (we did 9 runs… normally only do 4 runs in an ANKC trial). So here is our wrap up…..


So what are the bits that we are excited about?

Fitness: Both for Mum & I. We ran 9 runs across the day and we were still flying at the end of the day. The last run of the day had a course time of 52 sec and we did it in 23 sec. Yep we were panting at the end of each run but we caught our breath, had some water and kept running.

Obstacle -Handler Focus: We have become aware of getting this mix right over the last year or so. Some nice examples at this trial of a) Mum being able to send me out to obstacles and then get moving to her next position knowing I was committed to my job and b) not using my wonderful independent thinking to make up my own course and instead following Mum’s direction and not taking obvious off course obstacles.

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 9.51.17 pm


Blind Crosses: Provided Mum can get ahead of me on course than she is becoming really comfortable with using blind crosses to change handling sides and get us around the course smoothly. As we were putting together a video of the runs we lost count of the number of blinds.

Tight Turns: With reverse spins, wraps and pole turns in our tool kit of options it definitely felt like Mum was giving me plenty of clear signals that I needed to turn tightly and get moving back the other way…. cause Mum was speeding off again too.

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 9.49.18 pm



Probably getting a bit repetitive but the things we need to work on are the things we have talked about before. It is such a learning for us on getting those basics right that we just haven’t done. So here are the things we need to work on:

Start Line Stays: I LOVE this game called agility and I was ready to Go!

Contacts: On our to do list but Mum is kinda struggling on how to do more work on this without the big contact equipment easily accessible.

Weave Entries  As I mentioned earlier, ADAA weaves are slightly tighter spacing. Generally this didn’t bother me. The challenge is getting the entry. I’m expecting we will see some 4 or 6 weave poles out in the yard and me being sent to the poles from all sorts of strange angles.


All up it was a great day. We had a blast… so put together a video of some of our runs. Hope you enjoy.



Bodhi Oooo



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