A little dip

It may be the middle of winter but that doesn’t stop my cross training and enjoying a swim…


Out at Nana and Pops and when I put the ball through the gap in the pool gate mum thought I would just go get my ball and come back. What she failed to realize was that it was a just a decoy and an excuse for her to let me into the pool area so I could do some cross training and water therapy before our agility trial tmw.


3 laps of a crisp but lovely and clean water (thanks Pop) and I felt freshed.


Disappointingly Pops didn’t have the cleaner thing in and the long hose thing. Last time I got to swim in the pool I was very helpful and retrieved the hose bit by bit out of the pool. I thought I did an awesome job but turns out little teeth marks in the hose are not good.


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