A big weekend and great fun

Phew…. I am seriously tired….


We had a HUGE weekend with an Obedience and Double Rally O Trial at Blacktown Kennel & Training Club.

It started on Saturday. An early start because we were 1st in the ring. We were doing CCD (Community Companion Dog… the 1st level in Obedience trialling). We have done a couple of goes at CCD with various results. When I am good I’m really good and when I’m not…. well I’m not.  Well thankfully it was a good day. Got a score of 96 points out of 100 and came in 1st place. Pretty cool! I worked nicely beside Mum the whole time and lost 3 points when Mum kinda walked into me on a turn and 1 point because I wasn’t quite straight in the stand for exam). Only 1 more CCD pass and I get CCD after my name (for the record I am currently Bodhi RE ET JD so adding some Obedience scrabble letters would be nice).

So we headed out on Sunday morning for Rally. Back in April we got our Rally Excellent title so that means we now have to play with the really smart dogs doing their RAE. RAE is doing Rally Advanced & Excellent in the same trial and needing to get a pass in both of them in that trial. With a double trial that meant we had 4 goes in the ring…. wow as many runs as an agility trial. So we headed out in the morning feeling excited… I love a day out with Mum….

photo 4


Being in Advanced B & Excellent B meant we were the last to go into the 2 rings…. and well I was getting a bit antsy waiting….

photo 3


The 1st run in Rally Advanced B I did ok. 80 out of 100 so not too bad. Just a bit of me sniffy, especially with the toys in the off-set figure of 8… just had to check out who had left toys in the ring… but don’t worry I didn’t go picking them up. Then we went into Rally Excellent B. Well normally we would have gone into the ring to do the heelwork 1st but in this instance we were the last dog so we had to do the Honour position 1st. The Homour is where I have to go into a drop at the end of a 2m lead and wait while the dog in the ring goes through. Well I had words to say about it. I normally only bark at Mum when doing the Honour in training but today decided I needed to have a chat at the trial. Only did it for about a third of the time and then gave up and laid there quietly. And then after a wait I went in an had my go…. well I went for getting value for money. After a bit of sniffing and stuff I decided to do an extra jump…. yeah turns out that wasn’t such a great idea. Hmmmm the extra jump meant it was a DQ. Oppps sorry about that Mum.


So Mum thought I needed to have a little nap, rest up and get my brain working again.

photo 5

So we went back out in the afternoon to do it again. It turns out the nap did me the world of good. Rocked it in Advanced B with a 96 out of 100 and did pretty good in Excellent B with 87 out of 100 (although almost got in trouble for my talking during the Honour again). Have to say the quality of dogs and their handlers in RAE is pretty PAWsome. There was some fantastic work with lots of teams getting really high scores of 98 and above (yep my 96 didn’t cut it for a place).

One very tired dog now but with some pretty ribbons.

photo 1 copy 2

A great weekend thanks to the club, judges and everyone else who makes a trial happen.

And we are back in the ring again on Wednesday for another trial so if you want to read more of my stories sign up over on the side for my newsletter and pop over to the Facebook page and give me a “Like” or a “Lick” (whatever you prefer).

Hoping to bring you more exciting Obedience and Rally O updates soon.

Bodhi Oooo









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