A big run / ride

So we headed up to the local Showgrounds for what will probably be our last long run / ride before the Endurance Trial. Mum on bike and me on 4 legs.


Despite being up here usually 3 times a week with training we discovered corners of the grounds we didn’t know existed. It was lots of fun.

Then after 8.6km we headed into the oval so I could run around….. Yep mum thinks I will be fit enough for this endurance thing (not sure how she will hold up?)



And then a greyhound arrived….
(Mum just rolled her eyes at this point).


  • weliveinaflat
    July 31, 2013

    Does Bodhi ever suddenly pull you off the bike to go sniff something? I’m always wondering how people start to bike safely with their dogs attached to the bike.

    • 1st World Dog
      August 1, 2013

      Absolutely Donna. Mum has to be on alert for cats and brush turkeys (large native turkey / chicken things that roam the street like they own it). I’m not actually attached to the bike. Mum holds a long lead in her hand. While she is pretty good and braking (I’m used to the brake and skid noise now) she has the option to drop the lead if it were all to go horribly wrong.

      • weliveinaflat
        August 1, 2013

        Oic, that sounds tough! And it seems it’s better to to hold the lead in the hand than to have that bike attachment huh… good to know 🙂

        • 1st World Dog
          August 1, 2013

          I’ve seen some dogs run along beside in a very orderly fashion attached to the bike… Not my style.

  • rubytheblacklabrador
    August 1, 2013

    well done Bodhi – you are my hero!

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