1st World Dog Walks – Two Creek Trail

We found this great little local walk. It starts at the intersection of Slade Ave and Tyron Rd in East Lindfield… we literally stumbled across the walk one afternoon. The full walk itself can be quite a long walk (6km) BUT dogs aren’t allowed all the way as it goes into the Garigal National Park. So it means you can go a couple of kms in and then come back out. Check out more details here.


Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 9.40.39 pmSource:  http://www.kmc.nsw.gov.au

The Best Bits:

  • Great scenery:  For a suburban bush walk it is a very pretty walk. Lush green bush and creeks running beside the track.



  • No problems with parking: The track starts in a suburban street so there is plenty of free parking available.
  • A nice quite walk: While it can get a bit busy on the weekend it is pretty quiet. The weekday afternoon we did the walk we saw 1 other person.


The Not So Good Bits:



  • It is a tough walk: The walk is a hilly path that at the most is 2 people (or 1 person and 1 dog) across. There are rock stairs which can be a bit slippery too. Make sure you humans have decent shoes on with good grip.


  • Turn back at the National Park: As mentioned dogs aren’t allowed in National Parks. There are significant financial penalties for taking dogs into National Parks… and it just isn’t cool to ignore the rules to protect native animals…. so please enjoy the walk up to that point and then enjoy the walk back.




  • Coffee up the road: Always an important consideration. No coffees on the track sorry but Lindfield shops are just back up the road. The Runaway Spoon is one of the good spots up there. You can walk back up there or drive on up. Alternatively you can drive to the other end of walk, sorry it is on the other side of the National Park, and check out the cafe at Echo Marina. This is a great spot and they are happy to have dogs out on the verandah.





This is a fun suburban walk if you want to get out and about for an hour or 2 and enjoy some of the lovely tracks around Sydney.


Hope you enjoy the walk.





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