1st World Dog Walks – North Steyne to Shelly Beach

Did I mention I love going out with the family for a walk?

Well today was one of those days when we headed off on an adventure. Mum, Dad, The Toddler (and her scooter) and yours truly.


We headed for Manly on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and a relatively flat and short walk from North Steyne surf club (start point was really just based on where we found a car park) around to Shelly Beach. Oh SO many smells! SO many opportunities to steal unsuspecting tourists fish & chips! SO many pats! SO many seagulls to scare! What a great walk.


The Best Bits:

  • It is a pretty easy walk. The main Cabbage Tree Bay Coastal walk is only about 1km long and supposedly only takes 15mins (obviously not travelling with myself and The Toddler on her scooter). It is all paved or concreted (hence the scooter) and relatively flat.
  • Add bits to make it longer. As I mentioned we started up at North Steyne surf club so that added a couple of hundred metres to the walk but you could easily add more by starting back at Queenscliff or even further back over the hill at Freshwater, Curl Curl or Dee Why. It was just that we had The Toddler with us that we were keeping it simple.
  • Lots of food options. Like seriously the number of people sitting along the wall at Manly eating fish & chips or burgers. It was a smorgasbord for an opportunist like me just waiting to happen…. for some reason Mum was keeping me on a tight leash.  When we stopped at Shelly beach Mum had fish & chips at The Boathouse where they have a takeaway kiosk. The walk also takes you past The Bower which is one of Mum’s long time favs but unfortunately was super busy today.  There is also the kiosk at Manly Surf Club and a HUGE amount of options on the other side of the road as you walk from Manly back towards North Steyne.


Waiting with Mum for fish & chips outside The Boathouse

  • It is a great view: Sydney is a lovely city and on a nice winter’s day this is the city at its best.



Checking out what the scuba divers were doing. 

The Not So Good Bits:

  • It’s busy: For all the good bits we have listed above… well others think it is a great walk too. If you go on a weekend expect to need to negotiate through a crowd including lots of humans, lots of small humans on scooters, bikes and other things with wheels and other dogs. If you are a timid dog that isn’t so keen on crowds than this walk isn’t for you.
  • Parking: All good once you are there but getting there and finding a park can be tough. Coming with a dog you are likely to drive. We did and managed to nab a spot along the front outside of North Steyne surf club but parking is only 2 hours and you need to pay (and it isn’t cheap at $16 for 2 hours).
  • No off leash places or dog friendly beaches: This is strictly a lead walk, and you would expect it to be given how busy it is. When you get to Shelly Beach dogs are allowed in the grass reserve area (on leash) but are not allowed on the beach itself.


Checking out the beach from the reserve


As a walk for all the family this is a great spot. Easy for the humans, great that The Toddler can take her scooter and I enjoyed the walk. In fact I was exhausted by the time we got back in the car. While it wasn’t a physically long walk there was SO much to see and sniff I was mentally exhausted.


Hope you get the chance to go down and have a stroll.

Bodhi Oooo





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