1st World Dog Walks – Curl Curl to Freshwater

If you are up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and looking for a slightly longer walk than Shelly Beach head a bit further north to Curl Curl. A great walk with a couple of off leash parks and the chance to go for a swim…. oh and Mum says there is a good spot for a coffee and a bite to eat.





The Best Bits:

  • Heaps of free untimed parking: We start off down at Abbott Rd. There is heaps of untimed street parking beside the sporting fields (although I suspect parking might be a bit problematic on a sports day).

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 3.16.39 pm


  • Off leash places to run: Cross the bridge over the creek and head east for a bit and you will come across the first off-leash park on the walk. It is a nice long stretch with the lagoon on one side and back fences of houses on the other. There is a cement path for the humans to walk along while us dogs run on the grass and sniff stuff… just make sure you wait until you pass the off sign that does say “Off-Leash”.  A really nice ranger had to point that out to Mum who got a bit excited and let me off the lead a bit early. Lucky I’m cute so the nice ranger just pointed out the start of the off-leash area to Mum, I went back on-lead until that point and we were on our way.


Cross over the bridge from the netball courts to get to the 1st off-leash park…


  • Time for a swim: While there are plenty of beaches and waterways around Sydney very few are actually allow us dogs to run around off-leash on them. Thankfully this walk has one of the few off-leash dog beaches. Make your way across the off-leash Flora Reserve and you come to Curl Curl Lagoon. There you can enjoy running along the sand and having a swim in the lagoon.


Time for a sprint along the sand…


Trying to convince my mate AgilityPap to get in for a dip… he isn’t so keen on swimming….

  • Walk along the foreshore: It just keeps getting better on this walk. Normally I would be put back on-lead as we leave the beach but on this walk there is a path from the lagoon to almost South Curl Curl Surf Lifesaving Club. It is a great way to dry off after the swim.


  • Mum needs a coffee: After all this walking Mum was pretty happy to come across Gusto’s on the Beach at South Curl Curl Surf Club. With plenty of outdoor seating they are happy for us dogs to come along too and happily bring out a bowl of water to quench my thirst.


Phew…. time for a rest on the mat at Gusto’s… 


  • A great view: As you head off from Gusto’s, on-lead from here on sorry kids, you follow the path closest to the road (no access down by the pool) along until you get to the boardwalk. Then enjoy a stroll along the boardwalk and the path around the the headland at Freshwater. The view is pretty speculator as the waves crash on the rocks down below.


What a handsome couple of pups… and well behaved too. Seriously a woman passing by commented on how impressed she was that we sat while our Mums took photos of us…



The Not So Good Bits:

  • Use your road sense: In between the 2 off-leash parks there is a main road (Griffin Rd that runs between Dee Why and Curl Curl). Make sure you come when called so you can be put back on lead to cross the road and go through the carpark to get to the lagoon. Humans… remember to have your treats ready to remind us how good we are to come when called.


  • Off roading: Mum once tried to do this walk when The Toddler was little and she was on her trike. While some parts of the walk has paths, John Fisher Reserve and then the boardwalk, the bit from the lagoon to the surf club is an uneven sandy and grassy path. We did make it through with The Toddler on her push trike but it was a bit rough in parts (at least that is an off-lead section so Mum had 2 hands to negotiate the trike off-roading. We have done it since with The Toddler and just park along the road behind the boardwalk and it becomes a leash walk between the surf club and the headland.


Mum loves running me up and down the sand dunes. She isn’t so keen on pushing The Toddler’s trike over the sand.

And that is it for not so good bits. We really enjoy this walk and hope you do to.

If you get a chance to head out on the walk we would love to hear what you think and see your pics (pop over to my Facebook page and post them up).


Until next time… Have a PAWsome day.

Bodhi Oooo


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