I love getting out and about. Having a well socialised dog is not only great for the mental and physical wellbeing of us dogs but also great for you owners too.

Here are some of the places we hang out….


Sydney’s Northern Beaches:

  • Rowland Reserve Bayview: Probably one of my favourite places. When the tide is out a big bit of sand to run and dig. Also a big grass area for after (mum likes me to run around de-sand and dry off before I get back in the car). Mum also likes when the coffee van is there. Nice walk around from the Flying Fox Cafe too… that has a cool playground for the toddler.

At Bayview


McCarrs Creek Title


Sydney’s Lower North Shore:

  • Sirius Park and Sirius Cove is another great place. A beach and water to swim in (I love a swim). Nice view from the beach too and toddler likes the playground there too (see I’m a caring kinda dog for my toddler).


Sydney’s North Shore:

  • Killara Park is an old fav. When I was a pup and mum had an office job she used to take me here most afternoons. She still takes me down there sometimes to hang out with old friends and make new friends. There are some people down there however that do need some training on the art of ball throwing.


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